Reconnect is Victor’s latest book that uses the wisdom of systems, understanding how things connect and disconnect, to link ourselves back to ourselves, others, and the world we live in.

Reconnect pulls together the wisdom from twenty years of working with people to help them change themselves and the world they live in. First, we learn how and why we have fallen into unhelpful habit patterns that cause harm and suffering for ourselves and others. By understanding how those habots arose and how to establish new habots, we can find ways to make real changes in our lives.

Victor has formulate a Dynamics of Life model that allows you to easily see youo behave as you do and that are many exercises and activities to learn to make change for the better.

gonna Lay Dwn my Sword And Shield: A complexity perspectove on human evolution from a violent past to a compassionate future

Victor published this book in 2012. It looks at the question of what we need to do to lives lives that do not need to resort to violence and abuse to resolve our differences with others. It uses Systems Theory as the framework for exploring what it is to be a human and how we have come to create a society that, despite our best intentions creates enormous suffering and pain.

When the Dragon stirs: healing our wounded lives through fairy stories, myths and legends

This was my first book. It looks at the hidden wisdom within seemingly simple children’s stories. The characters of the stories are all parts of who we are. Come and meet your king, warrior, magician, lover, dragon and so many more characters. As you come to know them you will understand how tfhe help and hinder you in your life and can learn techniques to meet and dialogue with your archetypes creating a healing journey into the future

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The Science of Connecting

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The Science of Connecting

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