The Science of Connecting

We live in a disconnected world. We can learn to reconnect to ourselves, other people and the world about us.

Make sense of your life in a whole new way. Recognise unhelpful life patterns and create new ways of being for a more fulfilling life.

Learn about he ways we function as humans

Learn about the ways we function as human beings. We evolved to live in a very different world from the one we live in. That means that sometimes the way our mind and body works  don’t really fit the world we are in. We are not as active as our ancestors, so we have to go to a gym to get the exercise I ancestors got just by daily living.

The fight/flight response, anger and violence are key skills that ensured the survival of our early ancestors and while we still need all those acapacities to survive, They often get in the way of us responding the best way possible when difficulties arise.

But, there are skills we can use to gain better control over ourselves. We have layers of brain function and when one layer hijacks our whole brain, we stop functioning well. We can learn to recognise when these probelms arise and put strategies in place to help us cope.

Getting on with other people


The big skills we have far more than any other animal we know if is our ability to cooperate with other people. Other apes can only live in groups of 30-50. Anything bigger than that and the conflict gets out of hand. Our main skills that enables us to live together peacefully is language, but we have a wide range of other skills about how we agree to behave with each other, like forming a queue or laying out a dinner table, that make all the difference. We don't always get it right and there are skills we can learn to help us get on etter with others.

Save the ocean

Save The Ocean - Save Lives.

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Keep It Clean

Keep it clean

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Donate For a Better World

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Approximately 4 Billion Pounds Of Trash Per Year Enters The Ocean.

Make a Change.

We live in a difficult, disconnected world. How do we make sense of all the violence and suffering we see on television or on ur phones each day? How can we make sense of the madness we seem to be living through. Systems Theory is the sceince of how things connect and disconnet. It recognises the complexity of life and notices underlying patterns that help us make sense of the madness.

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The Science of Connecting

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The Science of Connecting

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