Finding Wholeness In Life

The Science of Connecting

We live such disconnected lives, but there is a science that shows a pathway to reconnect


About Victor MacGill PhD


Victor lives in Nelson, New Zealand. He has two major passions: Systems Theory and family violence work. He completed his PhD in systems theory in 2017 and now his focus is using systems to explore human violence and how we can learn to choose more effective ways of living without resorting to abuse or violence.  Read more ….

Welcome to a journey of coming home to yourself

Life is the cycle of connecting and disconnecting. Systems explores the underlying patterns that reveal themselves and point to a pathway where we can harmonise our many parts at many levels of our being towards living in greater wholeness and harmony. Welcome to a journey of coming home to yourself, to those around you and the to the world in which you live.

My next book - reconnect

After finishing his PhD in 2017 Victor wrote his third book, Reconnect: Finding Wholeness through the Science of Connecting. 


We live in a world where we are disconnected from ourselves, others and the world we live in. Systems is the scenece of how we connect and disconnect and provides a pathway for us to find ourselves again.e


Victor used Systems Theory to develop a model that helps us understand the process of life and how the trade offs and tensions inherent in life constrain what we can do. We can paradoxically learn to use those constraints to free us to a better life.