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The Science of Connecting

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We have become so disconnected in our lives; from ourselves, from others in our lives, and from the world we live in. Systems Theory is the Science of Connecting and Disconnecting and can help us recognise what is happening and find a pathway to reconnect. 

I have a book called, Reconnect, that I am hoping to have published soon.

I have a Facebook group called Reconnect, where I share progress about the book, interesting posts I have found about systems, complexity etc. and other aligned postings.

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Reconnect uses the science of connecting to explore human nature. We have become so disconnected in our lives; from ourselves, from others in our lives and from the world we live in. Our disconnection leads to violent and abusive actions. This book reveals how we became disconnected and provides a treasure trove of tools and techniques to reconnect back so we can live a more fulfilling life.


The core of the book revolves around Victor’s Dynamics of Life model, which reveals why we struggle with tensions and trade offs like the tension between the desire to be uniquely ourselves and our desire to be accepted by the social groups and follow their rules.


The Dynamics of Life model shows the underlying process of life of taking in matter, energy, and information and processing it at different levels in our being. It also shows when things go wrong, such as when we feel overwhelmed or threatened and how that can lead to unhelpful behaviours. Then tool i have used and developed over 20 years working in the field of family violence are outlined so you can use them yourself, or with clients, to create better lives.


Life is the cycle of connecting and disconnecting. Systems explores the underlying patterns that reveal themselves and point a pathway where we can harmonise our many parts at many levels of our being towards living in greater wholeness and harmony. Welcome to a journey of coming home to yourself, to those around you and the world in which you live.

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