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I will be spending Christmas with my partner, Monika, at my sister, Rowena's house with my brother Stefan, from Hungary and daughter, Emerald from Australia. So, it will be a special time indeed. We will be traveling in our new motorhome, giving it its first good run. Read more ...
  • Research and Publications: I am particularly interested in Systems theory, which overlaps with cybernetics, complexity theory and chaos theory. I have further interest in futures studies and my area of specialisation is understanding the nature of violence using systems wisdom and futures are a framework.
  • Courses: I am developing internet based courses based on my interests above.
  • Books and Articles: I have two published books, When the Dragon Stirs: Healing our Wounded Lives through Fairy Stories, Myths and Legends and Gonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield, A Complexity Perspective on Human Evolution from a Violent Past to a Compassionate Future. I co-edited two more books. I also have an archive of the many talks and articles I have produced.
  • ​Life and Family: This gives information on my family links past and present and my lifestyle living in a motorhome combined with house sitting.
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Victor's books

My partner Monika, Mindset & Business Coach

Gonna LAy Down my Sword and Shield
Gonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield was my second book, which used complexity theory as a framework for exploring ways to transform ourselves to be more compassionate beings ranging from our individual selves through to creating societal change. This is available through Amazon
When the Dragon Stirs was my first book exploring how we can use fairy stories, myths and legends as tools to heal our wounded emotional lives. Come on a journey to meet your inner king, warrior, magician and lover who will help you face your dragons. Available though Amazon or I have some copies of the first edition for NZ$20+postage.
My partner, Monika, has a business called The Wayfinding Entrepreneur helping freedom-loving entrepreneurs with a green heart 💚 to improve the performance of their digital marketing strategies and grow their thriving lifestyle business. 
She has a Declutter Your Marketing checklist to start with.
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