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When the Dragon Stirs
Gonna LAy Down my Sword and Shield
Gonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield
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Research and Publications

Research Interests

Systems theory : This overlaps considerably with cybernetics and chaos theory and complexity . Systems looks at how things are connected and how the interactions between all the parts impact on outcomes and how we can best use that knowledge.

Futures Studies : Futures in not about predicting the future. Futures asks what we can do now to best adapt and prepare for unpredictable futures. This includes my interest in Peer to peer (P2P) networking.

The nature of violence: particularly looking at ways of living without resorting to violence to resolve issues. is includes understanding cognition and brain functioning, mindfulness . This links to my work with offenders and especially perpetrators of domestic violence both in prisons and the community over close to 20 years.
Mythology and archetypes
Maori culture


Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Maori Studies, University of Canterbury, 1976

Diploma of Community and Social Work, University of Otago, 2001

MA Chaos, Complexity and Creativity, University of Western Sydney, 2002

PhD, University of the Sunshine Coast, 2017. Topic: Convergence as an example of a medium scale acephalous group.

Books and Publications

Bray, S., Thomas, G., & MacGill, V. R. D. (1998). Under the eye of the Saddle Hill taniwha. Mosgiel, New Zealand: Nga Tutukitanga o Taieri.
MacGill, V. R. D. (1995). When the dragon stirs: Healing our wounded lives through fairy stories, myths and legends. Dunedin, NZ: DragonStirs Enterprises.
MacGill, V. R. D. (2012). Gonna lay down my sword and shield: A complexity perspective on human evolution from a violent past to a compassionate future. Washington DC: Strategic Books.
MacGill, V. R. D., Wescombe, R., & King, R. (Eds.). (2012). Peace in action: Practices and policies that make a difference. Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia: King, MacGill, Wescombe Publishers.
Book Section

MacGill, V. R. D. (2000). Complexity theory as a possible mechanism for the progression through the stages of social evolution as described by spiral dynamics. In S. Halloy & T. Williams (Eds.), Applied complexity: From neural nets to managed landscapes (pp. 238–251). Christchurch, New Zealand: Institute of Crop and Research.
Peer Review publications
MacGill, V. R. D. (2007). A complexity perspective on work with offenders and victims of crime. E:CO, 9, 56–66.
MacGill, V. (2007). A complexity view of three Maori tribal groups of the South Island of New Zealand and the Moriori of the Chatham Islands. E:CO, 9(1-2), 67-76.
MacGill, V., (2011), A comparison of the Prochaska Cycle of Change and the Holling Adaptive Cycle: Exploring their ability to complement each other and possible applications to work with offenders, Systems Research and Behavioural Science, 28(5), 526-536.
MacGill, V. (2013), Developing a cybernetic lifestyle. Kybernetes, 42(9), 1424–1430.
MacGill, V. (2014), Convergence Gathering as an Example of a Medium-Scale Acephalous Group. Systems Research and Behavioral Science, 31(5), 606–613. (This paper won the Sir Geoffrey Vickers memorial prize at the International Society for the Systems Sciences in Haiphong in 2013.)
MacGill, V. (2015), The Impact of the Christchurch Earthquakes on the Convergence gathering. Kybernetes, 44(8/9).
MacGill, V. (2015), Unravelling the myth/metaphor layer of Causal Layered Analysis. Journal of Future Studies, 20(1), 55-68.
MacGill, V. (2016), Three scales of acephalous operation, Systems, 4, 19,
MacGill, V. (2017), The rule of the jester king. Journal of Future Studies, March 2017.

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