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JULY 2023

We arrived back in New Zealand at the beginning of July and needed to find a new place to live. We found a great place with wonderful views overlooking Tasman Bay that is close to town with nearby walks and places of interest. It’s back to work again, but great to be getting into a steady routine again. There is more time for writing and lots of projects to work on.

JUNE 2023. 

In February 2022 Monika and I were married on the Beach at Rabbit Island near Nelson, New Zealand. It was a small wedding because it was Covid days, but that just seemed to add to the occasion. Last August we were red stickered from the house we rented after a major storm. We shifted into my foster mother’s house as she had shifted into a rest home not that long before. She died in October 2022 and we shifted out a few months later.

We had planned a trip overseas and we left home in mid April. First we went to USA in Honolulu, New York, and Washington DC as stop -overs on our way to the Netherlands, where Monika’s family live. We stayed a month and it included a “second wedding” for all her family and friends.

We also had time for visiting an number of places in the central and southern parts of the Netherlands, and a side trip to southern Spain before traveling to Germany. We flew to Slovenia, where I met an old systems scientist friend from many years back. We caught up with family in Croatia and Hungary.

From there we will move to Turkey where we visited Gallipoli, which is an important place for New Zealanders because of WWI and Troy. From there we went to the conference of the International Society for the Systems Sciences in The Kruger National Park and back home via Vietnam.JUNE


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