Since I completed my PhD in Systems Theory through the University of the Sunshine Coast back in 2017, I have been working on my third book, Reconnect. It pulls together my passions for Systems Theory, the Science of Connecting, and family violence work. 

The core of the book is a systems based model called the Dynamics of Life that describes the processes involved in maintaining living and social systems. Living systems must balance all sorts of influences that give us the strengths and weaknesses that we have.

The book starts examining the core principles that are demonstrated by all complex systems like feedback loops and autonomy and connectivity. From there the book investigates the principles common to all living systems like existing in flows of matter, energy and information. They must work out the most effective way to use those resources that will enhance their survival and well-being. 

Some living systems evolved brains allowing them to respond to the challenges that arise in the environment and inside their body and human beings have evolved the brain in a way no other animal on earth has.

This enabled the leap to social systems from couple partnerships to families to communities and nations. A human being is all these levels functioning all at once, interacting and adjusting all the time.

There are patterns that repeat through all the levels and yet each level operates in its own way.

The more we understand the underlying patterns held within all living creatures, we recognise why we behave as we do,the more likely it is we can find ways to respond to the challenges we face in positive and effective ways.

Human beings has evolved the capacity for violence to protect ourselves and as an offensive tool. In the jungle we can see the need for violence and aggression, but it is not as clear in modern day life. We have developed ways of keeping our violent tendencies under reasonable control so we can live together in greater numbers than any other creatures.

Victor combines his knowledge of systems with two decades of work with people on non-violence programmes to create a highly practical manual of learnings,  tools and strategies that can help all of us gain greater control over our lives and create the life we would want for ourselves and those close to us.