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Previous books

I have authored two previous books.

When the Dragon Stirs:  Healing our Wounded Lives through Fairy Stories, Myths and Legends

This was self-published in 1995. It explored archetypes and fairy stories as self-development tools, especially focusing on healing old emotional wounds that often stay with us for many years after the wound was inflicted. The characters are archetypes of different roles and identities that we can act out in our lives and the stories that unfold as the archetypes interact that reflect the dramas that we live though in our own lives. In particular the book looks at the archetypes of the King, Warrior, Magician, and Lover, which represent our authority, courage, wisdom and compassion. The book provides tools to use to contact the archetypes within us and use them for our healing.

You can buy the book through Amazon. I also have some copies in stock for $18NZ plus postage

Gonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield: A Complexity Perspective on Human Evolution from a Violent past to a Compassionate Future

This book uses systems theory / complexity Theory and Cybernetics to explore what it is to be human and ask why we have chosen to continue using violence as a way of resolving difference. Once we understand the nature of being human we can start to build strategies to live more compassionate fulfilling lives. The book starts by building systems concepts and principles that are then used to explore humanity from the individual to the family, to the community to society.

This book can also be purchased through Amazon.

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