Previous books

I have two previously published books as well as the latest book Reconnect, that I am seeking a publisher for.


My first book is called When the Dragon Stirs: Healing our wounded Lives through Fairy Stories, Myths and Legends published in 1995. It explores the world of archetypes and explores many of the fairy stories and myths from around the world to recognise underlying themes that we can used to heal the emotional wounds we have suffered over our life time. We all have had our dragons to face and this book helps us in the journey into our darker side. It is only by having the courage to face our dragons that we can become free to live a full, fulfilling life.

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My second book is called Gonna Lay Down my Sword and Shield: A Complexity Perspective on Human Violence Evolution from a Violent Past to a Compassionate Future. This uses Complexity Theory and Systems Theory to explore human violence and try to answer the question of what we really need to do to live lives where we do not need to use violence on each other to resolve our differences.


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